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    Hi it’s me again with my layout questions :mrgreen:

    with what line do I use ‘app.start’ to show the day of the treatment on the invoice?

    Thanks again!


    Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just entering “app.start” somewhere on the report.

    The SQL Source needs to be altered to link the appointment table to the invoice. Please explain in full detail which report you’re working with and exactly what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll do our best to help.


    I need to show the date of the treatment on the invoice. :-({|=



    Thanks for explaining which report you wish to insert the appointment start field into.

    Enter into the Report Source. Above the from inv line and just after the last statement insert the following:

    ,app.start as appt_date

    Below the from inv line is a list of left joins. Left click at the end of the last left join and press the Enter key. Type in the following:

    left join app on (

    Click OK when you have done this.

    You will now be able to insert the appt_date value into the invoice report. Please make sure that when you insert the appt_date you change it to a date format within the design editor if you only want the date to appear for the appointment.

    Hope this helps.


    Great! Works like a charm!


    Me again – I have follow these instructions but no joy
    The place where the appointment date should go comes out blank 🙁
    Can you help?


    Hi there,

    When you go into the Design Template mode, please make sure that the report data for the appointment date field is pointing at the app.start data.

    I notice that you’re on our ClinicOffice support Plan, so please feel free to call our helpdesk and we’ll be happy to help further by logging onto your screen to show you how to do this.


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