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    Joshua Barrs

      In the March 2024 ClinicOffice update, we made some changes to the way ClinicOffice handles multiple on-screen records.

      If you already have an “editor” on screen (e.g. Patient, Appointment, Invoice etc.)  and then open another one, ClinicOffice will re-use the same editor window. If you had unsaved changes, it will prompt you to save before loading the new record.

      Q. Why have you made this change?
      Two reasons…

      (1) SECURITY
      Some users are in the habit of opening dozens of records – especially patient records – changes throughout the day, then going through all records at the end of the day and clicking “SAVE AND CLOSE”.

      The problem? In this scenario there are multiple records with unsaved data on screen. If the network drops, or the PC crashes… all the unsaved data is LOST… then we get a phone call (and usually the blame!). This change ensures data is saved regularly.

      (2) PERFORMACE
      Opening lots of records simultaneously consumes a lot of memory and is performance intensive (especially as some customers have hundreds of custom fields). Loading records in a single editor massively improves performance.

      Q. But only having one window is less convenient!

      That’s why we’ve introduced TWO NEW FEATURES to help. Notice in the screenshot below that there are two new buttons at the top right of the Patient Editor.

      These buttons allow for super-fast navigation to today’s patients and recent patients, without having to open new windows all the time.

      Q. What if I NEED to open more than one editor at a time?

      Occasionally you may need to have two Patient Editors on-screen together, for example to compare records side-by-side. You can still do this by holding the SHIFT KEY while opening a patient record (or any other type of record for that matter). This will open a new editor window rather than re-using an existing one.

      Please let us know if you have any questions, or need any help with this new feature!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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