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    Well I ported my old client list to the new system and played around with it a bit and I think it’s going to work.

    I am gettign ready to purchase the main computer fro my clinic.

    I need to know one thing for this:

    Core 2 duo, quad, Core i7, or xeon? If YOU had to pick the best possible situation, which would you gof or? I am looking for maximum performance in the database. Drives will be velociraptors for the C2D or i7 setups, likely SAS if I go xeon.
    Total network will be three computers initially (other two will be laptops C2D 2.5ghz range) but expanding to five in the coming years.

    so the big question is – will i need 4 cores for this app (the server will be dedicated) or will a C2D be just as fast as the quad cores??

    FYI, current imported client list is just under 1000 people already, if this matters.

    Thanks for the help!


    Hi, you can find the minimum and recommended specifcations on our website here :-

    I am looking for maximum performance in the database

    The factors which will make the biggest difference are :-

    [1] Purchasing the COv4 Server Edition (rather than COv4 Professional)
    COv4 Server uses the PostgreSQL Client/Server database engine and performs significantly faster than the file-based engine used in the Professional Edition – especially once you start dealing with 10,000s of records.

    [2] Installing a wired Gigabit (1000mbit) network (as opposed to 100mbit or wireless)
    This will massively improves the performance for the networked computers. You could purchase a dozen super-fast Intel Core i7 PCs, but data can still only be transferred between them at the maximum speed of your network.

    [3] Ensure your server has at least 2Gb memory (more would better)
    As for the actual spec of the server : it really doesn’t need to be a super-ninja PC. A decent Code2Duo Dual Core (i.e. E8400 or above) with 4Gb RAM will be fine. Quad Core improves multi-tasking performance but the benchmark differences between Dual Core and Quad Core aren’t as big as one might think.

    Fast Raptor hard-disks are very good and may shave a millisecond or two off the server machine performance when executing large queries on a large dataset, but once again, bear in mind that data can only be transferred to the client machines as fast as your network permits.

    I hope this is helpful – please let us know if you need any more information!

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