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    I am setting up some new forms using E Docs so that I can capture patient signatures via email rather than in person. I have read through the information and understand how to add a signature point to an existing letter template, or how to add a signature point to a clinical form.

    What I am trying to create however, is a letter template (with signature point) which also has check boxes for the patient to complete. I cannot seem to do this on a letter template but the forms tool does not seem suitable to do this because it only creates fillable fields and does not allow me to create a letter format with text, which then has fillable options for the patient at the end of the letter. I want to create a privacy notice letter which has text explaining the data protection policy, and then an option to tick which forms of communication they consent to. I would then put a signature point on the bottom of the letter.

    Is is possible to do this from a letter template please?

    Many thanks.


    Hi LucyKS

    Thanks for the post. One point that might be worth considering is to use additional labels within the form editor. You can find the Label component listed within the floating “Customization” window under the “Hidden Items” tab. This can be dragged into the form and renamed.

    Granted this in itself will not make the form like a letter template but it could help to present additional text such as stating the data protection policy. Please note that when adding a label to the form designer, the text will always appear on one line but when it is presented on the online form this will wrap around. You could always do one label per paragraph and this will then provide the relevant spacing between the paragraphs on the online form side.

    If this still does not quite match what you need then I suppose a dual letter/form setup could be used in conjunction with the “Doc Group” feature under the E-Docs Manager, but please see if the above will meet your needs and if not then we could consider the next option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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