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    Joshua Barrs

    In this example, you can specify a custom message to pop up on screen when you change the Appointment Status to ‘ARRIVED’.

    This was a real world example for a Clinic that needed a reminder to check a patients temperature as they arrived for an appointment.

    You can adjust it to any appointment status name you like, but it does have to match exactly.

    **This only works if you update the status from the diary right-click menu, NOT if you change the status from within the appointment.**


    [1] Click TOOLS | SCRIPT EDITOR to show the Script Editor screen

    [2] Locate “ucDiaryFrame” and the “OnAfterAppStatusChanged” event

    [3] Copy & Paste the following script into the Script Editor :-


    using System.Data;
    DataRow row = (Params[0] as DataRow);
    long appstatus_id = PSLib.cDBFuncs.ToLong(row["appstatus_id"]);
    string status = cGlobals.DB.GetQuickDBString("select name from appstatus where id=" + appstatus_id);
    if (status == "Arrived")
    { PSDevEx.cMessages.WarningBox("enter some reminder text here", "IMPORTANT REMINDER"); }


    Enter your text between the quotes where it says “enter some reminder text here”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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