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    The main database disappeared on a secondary computer and was not able to be restored under normal measures. I had to create a new database from a backup of the main computer. When this happened, the two computers could no longer communicate as they are under different databases. Recently, the main computer had its database disappear and had to be recreated from a backup. I have tried to restore a database on the second computer so that the two can link up, but it isn’t working. Is there any way to link the two computers up again? They have both been restored from the same back-up file transferred from a memory stick, but I still can’t get them to work together. Every time I try to restore the database, it says it cannot be done as another user is still logged on, even when I have ensured I have been logged off.
    What can I do so that the two systems are linked up again!? 🙁


    Please can you explain in more detail what you mean when you say it has “dissappeared”?

    Do you simply mean that it doesn’t show up in the logon screen? If so then you should attempt to ADD AN EXISTING DATABASE – you definitely should NOT be restoring from a backup as that will re-create the database all over again.

    ClinicOffice NEVER (I repeat NEVER!) deletes a database unless the user absoutely chooses to do this and confirms it several times. Hence, the chances are that your database is already there, but you just need to tell ClinicOffice where it is.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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