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    Hi Folks!

    Can you consider adding a tick box to the Quick Transaction Editor that would allow us to Email the patient their receipt seamlessly? i.e. once it’s ticked we don’t see it happen, but if no email address found it would return a dialogue box requesting cancelling or requesting an email address to proceed.

    Reduces our printing cost
    Less time spent by reception staff sorting out receipts so increased efficiency
    Have to capture all the patients email addressees which is not a bad idea in my opinion (marketing opportunity)
    Not everyone has the email module (if you don’t I suggest you buy it! my reception staff love it! 1 less layer of complexity for them to try to remember)

    What would be even better if it would seamlessly convert to PDF and then email therefore reducing any risk of fraud.

    Its what Apple do in their stores and it’s kinda cool to get your receipt as a PDF via email so you can file/archive easily..

    Food for thought I hope


    Nice post backman!!
    And I do agree about the email-module: buy it if you don’t have it.


    Thanks for your suggestion – we’ve added it to the wish-list. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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