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    *** This FAQ applies ONLY to ClinicOffice v4 PROFESSIONAL Edition ***

    COv4 uses “Windows File Sharing” to share your database across your network. Occasionally, Windows File Sharing gets its knickers in a twist and stops working. File Sharing can also stop working if your ‘server’ computer becomes disconnected from your Local Area Network (LAN), in which case ClinicOffice reconfigures the database to run locally and not over your network.

    1. Whatever the case, here’s what to do :-
    2. Run ClinicOffice v4 on your SERVER computer (i.e. the one which hosts the database)
    3. Click Manage Databases on the Logon screen
    4. Select your database and RIGHT click on it
    5. If you see “Share Database” then click on that to enable sharing.
      If you see “Un-Share Database” then click that first, then right click your database again and this time select “Share Database”

    Effectively what you’re doing is resetting the file sharing which usually solves this problem. For more detailed information on setting up file sharing on COv4 Professional Edition, please see this FAQ :-

    If you have any difficulties following these intructions, please feel free to post a reply below and one of our team will be help.

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