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    *** NOTE: This FAQ only applies if you intend to run ClinicOffice over a Windows Vista Network using Windows File Sharing to share your database between computers.***

    Since Windows Vista was released, lots of people have experienced numerous problems networking their Vista PCs. 😥

    Vista Service Pack 1

    Thankfully, it appears that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) has now fixed most of the networking problems that Vista users were experiencing.

    If you are still having networking issues with Windows Vista, the first thing to check is that ALL your Vista computers have SP 1 installed. For more information on Windows Vista SP1, or to download it, please see the following link:

    Performance Issues

    Many Windows Vista customers are also reporting big performance problems when sharing files over a Vista Network. A GOOGLE search on “vista slow file sharing” finds over 1/4 million pages on the subject!

    It seems that there is currently no known reason as to why Windows Vista File Sharing can sometimes behave so slowly – even after Service Pack 1 (SP1) has been installed.

    That said, many users are reporting absolutely no problems at all and if you are already happily networking with Windows Vista, then ClinicOffice v4 Professional should also perform well over your network.

    If you do experience Vista-related problems, here is a useful list of ‘things to try’:-

    (Please note: this potential problem is completely down to Windows Vista’s Network File Sharing and it only affects COv4 Professional Edition, which uses File Sharing. COv4 Server Edition does not have any problems because it uses a Client/Server database engine instead.)

    If after working through this FAQ, you are still struggling with networking issues and have joined the ClinicOffice Support Plan then please feel free to call us and we can connect in remotely to see if we can resolve your problems. If you’re not on the Support Plan you can still post support requests in this free support forum.

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