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    NOTE: This FAQ only applies to users who are hosting their own database (i.e. on the ClinicOffice Startup, Professional or Server Editions). Users running on the Hosted Edition will not experience performance issues as their database is already running on a super-fast cloud server. 🙂

    99.9% of the time, any performance issues with the Online Diary are caused by the speed at which your computer uploads data to the Online Diary web server. You can test your internet connection speed for free on the website :-

    The key figure is not your download speed, but rather your upload speed. This is the speed at which your computer is able to send data back to the web server. This should be a minimum of 2 Mbps for acceptable performance (ideally more for good performance).

    Please see the diagram below which helps to explain the vital role that your upload speed plays. Notice that your upload speed is weakest link in the chain, so the faster it is – the better the diary will perform.

    Web Server Diagram (Click here for larger version)

    Q. What can I do to improve my upload speed?

    Firstly, think about which devices are actually using your internet connection – there may be more than you think! PCs, MACs, smart phones (e.g. iPhones and Android phones), tablet devices like (iPads and Kindles), internet radios and TVs… all these will be consuming your available bandwidth.

    Now consider what programs you are running on these devices. Are any of the devices streaming music or video over the internet? Are you running a file-syncing utility (like Dropbox) or some online backup software which is uploading files over the internet? Are your devices all configured to download updates at the same time (like Anti-virus updates or Windows Updates)? Even if you are not doing any of the above – are you sure that no other users on your network are streaming media or downloading large files?

    If you’ve checked all of the above and are still struggling with the performance, then the only other way to improve the speed is to speak to your internet service provider and see if you can get a faster connection. Specifically it’s your UPLOAD speed that needs to be as fast as possible.

    If the Online Diary is critical to your business, then we would strongly recommend considering our ClinicOffice Hosted Edition which runs on our super-fast cloud servers.

    If you have any questions/queries or suggestions, please feel free to post below!

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