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    If you have recently changed your computer hardware, then your unique COMPUTER ID will also change and this will cause ClinicOffice to think it is no longer licensed on your PC. In some cases, this can also happen following a Windows Update.

    Here’s a more detailed explanation (feel free to ignore this and skip down to the resolution)…

    ClinicOffice calculates your COMPUTER ID based on an algorithm which uses your computer’s physical hardware serial numbers. If the hardware changes, then it can affect the calculation of the ID. We’ve also noticed that Windows Updates which update the .NET Framework can sometimes have the same effect.

    Please also bear in mind that ClinicOffice only checks in with our License Server every few days, so it may be that it was actually a few days ago when something changed on your computer to alter the ID.

    Whatever the case, please follow these simple steps to reset your license.

    Q. How do I resolve this?

    You simply need to RESET the license for whichever computer is experiencing the problem. Please follow these instructions to use the “Client Portal” page on our website to do this…

    [1] Go to the CLIENT PORTAL page :

    [2] The first time you log on, you will need to Logon With Account Details to register as shown below and click the LOG ON button. (If you don’t know your customer details to enter into this screen, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide them to you.)

    [3] If this is your first time logging on, you will be taken to this screen, and asked to register your account. Please fill in the details.

    [4] After clicking LOG ON, and selecting the Your licenses button, you will see your license(s) as shown below. Simply click the RESET LICENSE link for the computer which needs to be re-activated.

    [5] Finally, start up ClinicOffice on your computer again and when ClinicOffice says that it needs to be activated, click the ACTIVATE ONLINE button and enter your customer details (the same ones you entered in STEP 2).

    If you need further assistance with STEP 4, please see this FAQ article :-

    We hope this FAQ is helpful – please feel free to post a reply below if anything is unclear or if you need any additional assistance.

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