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    On very rare occasions, some users have reported getting the following error message which prevents ClinicOffice from running :-

    Invalid Computer ID Generated
    This computer failed to generate a valid computer ID.
    Please click OK and restart the program. If you see this
    message again, plese RESTART your PC and try again.

    If you keep getting this message – even after restarting your computer, then we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we know why it happens… the bad news is that it means the WMI (Windows Management Information) service on your computer is corrupt.

    To see if the WMI really is corrupt on your computer, please follow these steps :-

    [1] Click START, type “Computer Management” and launch the “Computer Management” screen
    [2] In the left hand side of this screen, select WMI Control (under “Services and Applications”)
    [3] Now click “More Actions” over on the right and then click “Properties”

    If WMI is working correctly on your computer, you should see a screen displaying some basic system information about your computer like this :-

    If WMI is not working on your computer, then you will probably see something like this :-

    When ClinicOffice initializes, the first thing it does is retrieve details about your computer using WMI. If your WMI is corrupt then it’s impossible for ClinicOffice to run.

    (UPDATE: Please note that we have seen one or two very rare instances when Windows reported that WMI was working correctly, when in fact the WMI Registry was corrupt, so even if you don’t see the above error message, if ClinicOffice is unable to generate a Computer ID, it will still be necessary to contine with the suggestions that follow.)

    As regards fixing the problem, there is a file attached to this post called “”. The ZIP file contains a file called “fix_wmi.bat”. Please download the ZIP file to your PC, extract the BAT file and then right-click on it and choose to “Run As Administrator”. This will attempt to rebuild the WMI on your PC. After running the file, please reboot your machine and then try ClinicOffice again.

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue, and if you’re feeling brave then Microsoft have released a utility for diagnosing and repairing WMI issues :-

    A quick Google search also yields 1,000s of pages of information about WMI corruption and many suggestions on how to fix it :-

    If you’re not keen on diving in yourself to deal with these sort of technical issues, then it might be best to get a local IT person to help out. Either way, once the WMI corruption is fixed on your computer, then ClinicOffice will run happily. 😀

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