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    Sometimes we might ask you to run the software in “DEBUG MODE” to help us to troubleshoot particularly difficult problems.

    To activate debug mode, you need to add a command line switch to your ClinicOffice shortcut. To do this, please follow these steps :-

      [1] Close down ClinicOffice
      [2] RIGHT-click on the ClinicOffice shortcut on your desktop (the one which you usually use to launch the program)
      [3] Click “Properties”
      [4] Click in the TARGET box and move the cursor to the very end of the text that is already in there (outside of any quotes)
      [5] Add a space and then /debug. For example :-

      “C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5ClinicOfficeV5.exe”
      becomes :-
      “C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5ClinicOfficeV5.exe” /debug

    [6] Click OK
    [7] Launch ClinicOffice as usual (by double-clicking the icon)

    ClinicOffice will now run in DEBUG mode and will output useful information to the “_debug” folder which is under your “COv5_Data” folder. By default, the full path to this folder will be :-

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