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    Joshua Barrs

    IP Address WhiteListing

    On 1st December 2020 we introduced a new IP address whitelisting feature to increase the security of our ClinicOffice Hosted accounts.

    Q. What does this mean?

    It means that the IP address of your device (PC / MAC / tablet etc.) has to be “whitelisted” before it can access your ClinicOffice.

    Q. What do I have to do?

    Whitelisting is managed from the Client Portal website. Simply login to your account to whitelist your devices. Please see THIS VIDEO on how to manage your whitelist.

    Here are some step-by-step instructions on what to do…

    Click here to login to your CLIENT PORTAL

    If you ARE the account owner and you HAVE used this website before, you will be able to logon with your email/password. If you’ve forgotten those details, please click the “Forgotten password” link or contact us.

    If you ARE the account owner and you HAVEN’T used this website before, you will need to click “Logon with Account Details” rather than with an email/password. If you don’t know your account details, please contact us and we will provide them for you.

    If you are NOT the account owner, please get in touch with whoever is so that they can arrange the whitelisting for you. They will be able to send you a ‘Whitelist Link’ to click on.

    Q. OK, I’ve logged on – what now?

    If the IP address you’re currently using hasn’t already been added to the whitelist, the system will offer to add it as soon as you login. Clicking “Yes, Add to Whitelist” will add you to the whitelist… and you’re good to go!

    Q. What about colleagues (or other devices) at other locations?

    From the Client Portal, click on the “Hosted Whitelist” button.

    On that page, there’s a Whitelist Link section which allows you to directly email other users (or locations) with a Whitelist Link. When they click the link in the email it will immediately whitelist their IP address – no need to login or anything.

    You could even email this to yourself so you always have a handy link to use.



    Q. Why have you introduced this feature?

    It’s to provide an additional layer of security for our ClinicOffice Hosted customers. Although your account has always been protected by username/password combinations, we identified that allowing remote connections to our servers from ANYWHERE was a potential security risk which could be eliminated to better protect your data.

    Q. My IP address keeps changing!

    You could ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) e.g. BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, PlusNet etc. to give you a STATIC IP address i.e. one that doesn’t change. Many ISPs will do that if you ask them.

    Alternatively, the Client Portal allows you to drag-and-drop a ‘Whitelist Me’ shortcut to your desktop. A quick double click on that will immediately whitelist your IP address.


    Please feel free to reply to this forum post if you have any further questions.

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