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    When customers request us to do some work on their database, or if we have to troubleshoot a database issue, then our support team will need a copy of your database.

    STEP 1 – Creating a Backup
    Firstly you need to create a backup of your database. If you already have a database backup or if you need to upload something else to us, please skip ahead to STEP 2.

      [1] In ClinicOffice, click TOOLS | BACKUP DATABASE
      [2] When asked where you want to save the backup, we recommend saving it on your Windows Desktop for easy access
      [3] Click the SAVE button to save the database backup

    STEP 2 – Uploading the File
    To upload a file to our FTP server, please follow these instructions :-

      [1] Click your START button then click RUN to bring up the RUN box (Note: on Windows Vista and Windows 7, the RUN edit box is actually on the START menu itself)
      [2] Delete any text in the RUN box and then copy and paste in the following line :-


      [3] Click OK and then wait a few seconds while a new Explorer window pops and connects to our FTP server
      [4] Lastly, drag-and-drop the backup file (from your desktop) into the Explorer window to start the upload process

    Please note that this may take quite a long time (depending on the size of your database), but you can leave the upload running in the background while you continue working with your computer.

    Once the upload is completed, we’ll move your database off the FTP server and onto one of our development/test machines so that we can start work on it.

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