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    We sometimes get asked if it’s possible to fully customise “auto-description” captions for appointments in the diary – to which the answer is: YES!

    Firstly, please follow these instructions :-
    – Go to the diary and click the DIARY OPTIONS button (top right)
    – Click the “Visual Settings” tab
    – Notice there are 2 caption formats; one for “staff view” and one for “room view”…  these are the boxes you will be editing

    There are six standard ‘merge fields’ available, as follows :-

    {patient} = the name of the patient/contact attending the appointment
    {type} = the appointment type (e.g. “Consultation”)
    {status} = the status of the appointment (e.g. “Arrived”)
    {clinic} = the name of the clinic where the appointment is booked (usful for multi-site clinics)
    {staff} = the name of the practitioner involved in the appointment
    {room} = the room that the appointment is booked in
    {patcat} = the patient’s category
    {patstatus} = the patient’s status

    For sake of argument, let’s say we’re working in the STAFF VIEW. The default caption format is :-
    {patient} [{type}] in {room}
    This displays the patient’s name, then the type of appointment, then the room e.g.
    Bloggs, Joe [Consultation] in Room 1
    But what you if you want to add information from a different field? Please read on…

    Constructing Custom Merge Field Codes
    ‘Merge field’ codes are all enclosed in curly braces i.e. {…} For custom merge field codes, THREE parts are required inside the braces :-
    [1] The database table name
    [2] The field which is displayed
    [3] Mapping information for mapping the information to this appointment

    Each of the above is separated by an exclamation mark character i.e. “!”.

    For example, say we have added a custom field to our patient database called “my_text_field”. To add this field to the caption, we would need to add the following ‘merge field’ code to the caption format :-

    Hence the final caption format would be something like :-
    {patient} [{type}] in {room} - {custom_patient_fields!my_text_field!per_id=@per_id}
    [1] The database table = “custom_patient_fields”
    [2] The field name = “my_text_field”
    [3] The “per_id” field in the “custom_patient_fields” table is mapped to @per_id which is the per_id of the appointment

    This would result in :-
    Bloggs, Joe [Consultation] in Room 1 - some custom info



    A Note About Performance

    Including additional custom fields in the auto-generated captions WILL affect performance because ClinicOffice will have to perform an additional database lookup for every appointment that is displayed in the diary.

    If you’re non-technical, then this is obviously going to be quite difficult to follow so please feel free to post a reply with more information about what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll be happy to help!


    Hi – I run a domiciliary clinic – please can you tell me how to format the labels as follows :-

    23/07/2013 09:00-10:00 Nail Extraction – Mrs Smith (Sue) – 12 Long Hurst Rd Crawley RH11 0TB 01903 12345

    I want to show :-
    DateTime – Appointment Type – Patient – Patient Address – Patient Telephone – Status


    Hi – thanks for your post. Please follow these step-by-step instructions :-

    • Go to the Diary and click on the Diary Options button (above the diary on the right)
    • Click on the Visual Settings tab
    • Under Appointment Captions you will see two options – Caption format for staff view and Caption format for Room View. Click the [Advanced] link next to the “Caption format for staff view”
    • Copy and Paste in the below code, click OK and then OK again to save the changes.

    {type} - {patient} - {per!address1!id=@per_id} {per!towncity!id=@per_id} {per!postcode!id=@per_id} {per!telephone!id=@per_id} {status}
    You may need to click the Refresh button to refresh the diary and see the updated appointment labels.

    Please let us know how you get on.


    Hi all,

    With regards to putting in the number, when I place in the code only the home telephone number appears. Is there a way to change this to a mobile number?

    Many thanks



    Hi there,

    Please use this code to use mobile number instead of telephone number;

    {type} - {patient} - {per!address1!id=@per_id} {per!towncity!id=@per_id} {per!postcode!id=@per_id} {per!mobile!id=@per_id} {status}



    We have discovered that if you insert the patient notes field into the appointment description the patient notes can be viewed in whole when you hover over an appointment with your mouse cursor. Please see example below.

    This can help when previewing additional information you might have stored on the patient that you need to know about. The line of code to add for this is:-


    So if you were to add it to the staff view, it would look something like this:-

    {patient} [{type}] - {per!notes!id=@per_id}

    If you were to add this to the room view, it would look something like this:-

    {patient} [{type}] with {staff} - {per!notes!id=@per_id}

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