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    ClinicOffice v4 (COv4) uses a completely new database structure to ClinicOffice 2005 (CO2005), so it’s necessary to perform a database conversion before you can start using ClinicOffice v4.

    Please note that this conversion process will NOT affect your CO2005 database at all. It creates a copy of your data in the new COv4 format. This means that (a) you can carry on using CO2005 as normal even after performing the conversion, and (b) that the new COv4 database and your existing CO2005 are completely separate and not linked in any way.

    After performing the conversion, you can still using CO2005 as your ‘live’ system while you test COv4. When you want to switch over to COv4 as your live system, simply perform the conversion again (so that your COv4 database is up-to-date) and then start using COv4 from that point onward.


    Firstly, please make sure you have installed the LATEST update for ClinicOffice on your computer. To check that your ClinicOffice is up-to-date, click TOOLS | CHECK FOR PROGRAM UPDATES.

    Secondly, download and install the CO2005 to COv4 converter utility which is available here :-
    Download CO2005 to COv4 Converter Utility

    After both ClinicOffice v4 and the “CO2005 to COv4 Converter” utility are installed, please follow these instructions :-

      [1] Make sure that ClinicOffice 2005 and ClinicOffice v4 are NOT running (this includes making sure that other network users are logged off)
      [2] Click START | Programs | CO2005 to v4 Converter | CO2005 to v4 Converter to launch the converter program
      [3] In the edit box “ClinicOffice 2005 Database” locate the database you wish to convert, by either typing in the directory location or pressing the SELECT button and then selecting the folder.
      (If you’re not sure which folder your CO2005 database is stored in, please take a look at the LOGON screen in CO2005 where it shows you this information)
      [4] Select ClinicOffice v4 [EDB] for COv4 Trial, Startup or Professional Editions
      (NOTE: Only select the Server edition if you have already purchased and configured the Server Edition)
      [5] The default location for new databases is “C:COv4_Data”. We recommend leaving this option as it is, unless you are sure you want to change it and understand the implications.

    That’s it! The conversion process will now commence. Depending on the size of your database and the speed of your computer, the conversion can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour. Once the conversion is finished, the last step is to add the converted database to the logon screen in ClinicOffice v4.

      [7] Close the conversion program
      [8] Run ClinicOffice v4
      [9] Now we need to tell ClinicOffice v4 where the converted database is stored. From the logon screen, click Locate… to select the location of the new database. For example, if you accepted the default folder (in step [5]) then select your ‘C:’ hard disk and then select the ‘COv4_Databases’ folder and under that folder you should see a folder with the name of your converted database. Select this folder, click OK and then logon as usual.

    All that remains is to type in your username and password to log on. Please note that your username and password will be the same in COv4 as it was in CO2005, except that they will be in lowercase (rather than uppercase) as COv4 is now case-sensitive.

    Please feel free to post a reply to this FAQ if anything is unclear or if you experience any problems and need some assistance.


    Am I right in thinking that I can’t convert from Clinic Office 2005 straight to version 5?

    So am I also right in thinking I’ve have to go to version 4 first then upgrade to version 5?

    I’ve included the links from the main site for ease of use for anybody who encounters the same issue .

    Upgrading to 5….

    Wish me luck!


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your question. Yes it is possible to convert straight to v5 from ClinicOffice 2005. However, we would recommend that you send us a copy of your data and we can perform the conversion here. This makes sure that if there are any issues when converting the data, we can fix them immediately – thanks!

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