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    You may have the situation where a patient’s insurance company (e.g. BUPA or AXA PPP) are going to pay for their treatment. This means that invoices raised for that patient should actually be re-directed to the insurance company.

    Here’s what to do :-

    [1] Make sure that the Insurance Company has already been entered on your system. Insurance Companies should be entered into the CONTACTS datbase in ClinicOffice.

    [2] Once the Insurance Company is on the system, you need to make sure that the patient’s record contains a link to the Insurance Company. To do this, open the PATIENT EDITOR (for the patient in question), click the ‘Medical’ tab and set the ‘Insurance Company’ field to be the correct insurance company, then click SAVE & CLOSE.

    [3] Now when you create an Invoice for that patient, you will notice that ClinicOffice shows you a “Confirm Invoice Recipient” box which allows you to select whether this particular invoice goes to the patient or their insurance company.


    Am I correct in assuming that if the NHS or a GP was paying for a treatment then one could use this work-around to be able to send the invoice to the NHS/GP rather than the patient?


    Yes that’s correct. In addition to the “Insurance Company” field, there’s also an “Alternate Invoice Recipient” field on the Patient Editor which allows you to select another party to whom invoices can be sent for that patient.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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