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    In order for a Staff Member to appear in the Appointment Diary…

      [1] They must be flagged as a Practitioner
      [2] They must have some Working Hours defined for your clinic

    Here are some more detailed instructions :-

    [1] Flagging a Staff Member as a Practitioner

    Go to the Staff Editor for the person in question (go to the Staff Members database and then double-click on the appropriate record). Notice there is a tick-box called “Is Practitioner” which by default is located under the staff picture. Tick this box to tell ClinicOffice that this person is a practitioner.

    [2] Assigning Working Hours

    From the Staff Editor, click the Working Hours tab (at the top). Notice there is a tick-box which says works at this clinic”. Tick this box and then define the correct working hours for the staff member. If you have multiple clinics in your database, please be sure to define the working hours at each clinic for this staff member.

    Once you have configured the above two things, go back to your diary and click the REFRESH button and you will see the Staff Member is now available in the Diary. :D/

    If you have any questions or problems with this, please feel free to post a reply to this topic!

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