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    To create an SMS appointment reminder follow the steps below :-

    1) Open ClinicOffice

    2) Open the Contact Centre – located under the patient drop-down button (Top Left)



    3) Click Create New Rule

    4) Select Appointment Reminder



    5) Give the new rule a name and if you wish a description

    6) For this example select Automatic located under Rule Scheduling. If you want ClinicOffice to ask for your permission before it runs the rule you would then select Reminder

    7) For the “Run Every“, keep it at 1 day(s) at 8:00



    8) Further down where the bold text says Send a Reminder, keep it set to 1 day(s)

    (When creating your own rule you may wish to change this.)



    9) Where it says Exclude canceled appointments from this rule, set this to Yes

    10) Click on the blue link which says [Click here to setup reminder] (towards the bottom). The Appointment Reminder window will open.

    11) Now tick the Send an SMS Message box and enter your message in the field below.



    12) For any values such as the patient’s name, date/time of the appointment or staff member’s name uses the Insert fields. To do this click the Insert button and select the relevant field. This will now be inserted into the message and will generate relevant information for the patient. Make sure that your message is about 140 characters in length; this provides enough room for the Insert fields.



    13) Once you are finished click OK and OK again

    The rule will now run tomorrow at 8:00 and will send reminders out for the following day.The appointments in the diary will signal with a small letter icon that a reminder has been sent out. It might be an idea to send the message to yourself before you send it to your patients.

    Remember that this is only a rough outline and you can set the Appointment Reminder up with additional rules and options. It might be an idea to look through each of the options.

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