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    [1] Go to Reports and Templates.

    [2] Right-click on the report/template you wish to add your logo to e.g. “Invoice”, then click Design Report.

    [3] On the left-hand side of the Report Designer is the Tool Box. Locate the “Picture Box” tool and then drag-and-drop a picture box over to the report, roughly where you wish it to be located.

    [4] Click on the newly created picture box (to select it) and click the small “Smart Button” which is shaped like a small arrow (“>”) at the top right. On the “Picture Box Tasks” menu click the “…” next to “Image” and then select the image logo that you wish to use.

    (NOTE for HOSTED customers: remember that when selecting files in the Hosted environment, you need to first navigate to a local disk drive on your computer e.g. “LOCAL C” or “\tsclient” before selecting an image file.)

    [5] To move the image around, click and hold the left mouse button in the middle of the picture and then drag it around.

    [6] To resize the image, drag-and-drop the sizing handles (i.e. the small squares) that appear at the edge of the picture when it’s selected. There’s also a “Sizing” option on the “Smart Button” (see step 4) which lets you change the way sizing works. We recommend selecting “Zoom Image” for most scenarios.

    Important Tip
    When adding a picture box to a template, it is important NOT to embed a massive image and then just size it down in the picture box. If you add a big 10MB image and then just make it smaller in the Report Designer, the original image is still embedded in the report and every time you print the report, it has to send the massive image to the printer which dramatically slows things down.

    Instead you should resize the source image before embedding it in the picture box. Often a 10MB logo can be resized down to just a few KBs without losing any fidelity.

    For assistance with reducing image sizes, click here.
    There are also plenty of free online utilities to help reduce image sizes – like this one.

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