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    In rare circumstances, some data in a ClinicOffice database can become corrupt and you might get an error message along the lines of “The table xyz is corrupt”.

    Here’s what to do :-

    – Go to the ClinicOffice “Log On” screen

    – Click the Manage Databases link on the log on screen

    Right-click on your database in the list and then click “Check & Repair Database”

    – On the “Check & Repair Database” screen, simply click OK to begin the REPAIR operation

    In the vast majority of cases, this will fix any corruption that may have occurred. Under even rarer circumstances when the data corruption is extreme (usually due to hardware failure), you may need to RESTORE your database from a backup – which you are regularly creating aren’t you?! 😉

    This FAQ covers how to restore a database :-

    Q. How did a database table become corrupt in the first place?

    Most commonly, a table is marked as corrupt when a record is only partially written to the database. This can happen for various reasons, such as :-

      • – The PC is abrubtly powered off, shut-down or enteres ‘stand-by’ while ClinicOffice is still open and the database is in the middle of a ‘write’ operation.


      • – Saving a record over a network connection and the network disconnects or a wireless connection drops out.


      • – Faulty hardware (e.g. the Motherboard I/O controller, or the hard disk) which causes incomplete data to be written to the hard disk


      – Anti-virus software hindering the ClinicOffice database from writing to records to the hard disk
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