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    The Purpose of Recall

    The Recall System allows you to remind patient’s that they are due another appointment and that they
    need to rebook it. The way in which it works is similar to the Waiting List but the Waiting List is something definite i.e. the patient already has confirmed the appointment but is waiting for the correct time to be available. On the other hand the Recall is not something definite; it serves more as a reminder that the patient should rebook for another appointment. The Recall can be found on the right side bar in the Diary in the form of a tab.

    How to create a new recall?

    Go to the Recall panel and right-click the area where the recalls are usually stored. A sub-menu will appear, select “New Recall”. An editor window will appear. From here you can enter the patient you wish to call back by either creating a new one or search for an existing one. Add in the The Practitioner they would be seeing and Appointment Type that it would be if you wish too. Select the duration of the future appointment by selecting the times from the list or adding in your own. Now enter the date you wish for the patient to be recalled, in other words, when the reminder will appear for you to contact this patient. Then click OK/Green Tick. The recall reminder will only appear in the box if it’s at the period of time you set for it to recall.
    E.g. I set a recall for Mr Stephens, Peter in 1 months time, to see this in the Recall I must have the Show option at the top of the tray set to “due next month”.
    To see all recalls select “all patient recalls”. Other options near the top of the tray is Search for a specific patient recall and Display Telephone No. and Notes on the Recall reminders.

    Another way to create a new recall is to right click on an appointment in the diary and to select the Recall
    Patient. The Patient Recall Editor will open up and you will note that some of the field values have
    automatically been filled in. You can do the same by opening the appointment record up and clicking the
    Recall Patient button. You can also drag and drop the appointment straight onto the Recalls Panel and this will again open the Patient Recall Editor. Inside the Patient Editor on the ribbon bar there is the button
    Recall Patient, which also opens up the Patient Recall Editor in the same manner.

    Creating an appointment from a recall?

    When the time comes to recall the patient, and the patient has confirmed a date and time. You can simply open up the Recall tab and drag and drop the recall reminder into the diary at the desired date and time.

    Please feel free to post messages here if you need any assistance with the recall system!


    Hi Matt,

    With regards to the recalls, is there anyway that they can pop up each day, like the task reminders do? Or do you physicaly have to go into the recalls section to be reminded of who to recal that particular day.




    Hi there Rob,

    Thanks for your query. You do need to look at the recall side panel to check them, however you can PIN the recall panel to the side of the diary screen (as you would with the diary navigator screen) by clicking the little “pin” button at the top right of the panel.

    However, if ou specifically need some sort of popup, you’re always welcome to post it on our “wish list” page. If several other customers also request this, it maybe something our developers implement in the future!

    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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