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    We recently found that some users have invalid allocation data in their database, usually where a payment or invoice is ‘over-allocated’ e.g. a payment for say £20 is being applied to two invoices (both also £20) hence £40 of the £20 payment is actually allocated (which is obviously incorrect!).

    This isn’t a critical problem in that it doesn’t affect any account balances or total figures, but it is best to rectify the problem.

    In build 1058 we introduced an “allocation data check” as part of the CHECK DATABASE feature. Here’s how to use it:-

    1) On the login screen click the Manage Databases link
    2) Right click on your database
    3) Select Check Database

    If there is an allocation problem in your database the following window will appear :-

    We recommend clicking the first option : Remove Invalid Allocation Data. ClinicOffice will now remove the invalid allocations (this is only the allocation data, it will not remove any invoices or payments). It will then open a text document which looks like this :-

    This shows you the name of any records that had invalid allocations. It will also inform you which invoices or payments were affected. It would be advisable to print this page off so that you can work through the records and re-allocate their payments to the invoices.

    To re-allocate a payment to an invoice you would do the following:

    1) Login to ClinicOffice
    2) Go to the Patient or Contact section of ClinicOffice
    3) Locate the record in question and open it
    4) Go to the Finances section

    5) Open the payment that has been un-allocated to the invoice

    6) Select the option AUTO allocate the payment
    7) Click the Save and Close button

    Follow the same steps in order to correct the other records which have been affected by invalid allocations.

    If you are struggling to find the payment that is un-allocated then the steps below will help you :-

    1) In the Finances section of the patient/contact record click on the Grid Options button
    2) Just under Data Source there is a drop down menu, select With Statuses
    3) This will display the Status column. Scroll to the right in the grid if you cannot see it already.

    Once you have done this you will then be able to locate the payment, open it up and auto-allocate the payment to the invoice.

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