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    Some larger clinics may want to override user’s settings with a global option.

    For example if you have a very large database, you might want to globally set the “diary/staff load mode” for all users to optimize the diary’s performance.

    [1] Under the View tab click ClinicOffice Settings
    [2] Click the Global Settings tab and under Advanced Options, click Override User Settings..
    [3] Look for the section frmDiaryOptions and the settings LoadMode_Dates and LoadMode_Staff
    [4] Enter a 1 in the Override Value for both of these settings. This will override all user’s settings and make the diary load only the selected dates and selected staff members which gives better performance on large databases.

    ❗ The type of values entered into the Override Values differ from setting to setting. Please be careful about entering values into this screen if you’re not sure what you’re doing. We recommend only using this screen if a member of our support team directs you.

    When you have overriden a user setting, all users will have their options changed to that setting when they next log on. They can still change the settings themselves, but once they log off and log back on, the setting will revert back to your overridden global value.

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