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    (Please note: This FAQ applies to Windows XP and ClinicOffice XP. Instructions will differ slightly for other versions of Windows and/or ClinicOffice).

    If you have a number of computers networked together then you can share your ClinicOffice database over your network. To do this, you need to setup Windows File Sharing on your network.

    [1] Nominate a Server Computer

    Firstly, you need to decide which one of your computers will actually store the database. This computer is referred to as your ‘server’ computer.

    How do I decide which computer should be my server?
    If you already have dedicated server computer, then it’s best to use that one. Otherwise, we recommend using the most powerful computer available.

    Another consideration is that ClinicOffice will run faster when you use it on the server computer. This is because the database is actually stored on that computer, so the data is accessed directly rather than going over your network. For this reason, many clinics choose to nominate their reception computer as their server, because it is important for the receptionists to have fast access to ClinicOffice (seeing as they do the bulk of the work anyway :wink:).

    It is also important that we know the name of your ‘server’ computer. To find this out :-

      1. Find your My Computer icon (it may be on your desktop, or in your start menu)
      2. Right click on it, then click Properties
      3. Click the Computer Name tab
      4. Make a note of the Computer Name

    [2] Creating a Database

    If you haven’t already done so, you need to create a new database on your server computer (please refer to your user guide). Most importantly, you also need to know where (i.e. in which folder) the database is stored.

    You can see where your database is stored from the ClinicOffice logon screen. Simply select the clinic database, click the label which says “Edit Clinic” and a window will pop which shows you the location of your database folder (click Cancel to close the window).

    [3] Sharing the Database Folder

    Now you need to configure your server to ‘share’ your database folder with other computers on your the network. To do this, on your server computer :-

      1. Locate your database folder (a good start is double clicking on My Computer)
      2. Once you have found it, Right click on the folder
      3. Click Sharing and Security
      4. Tick the box which says Share this folder on the network
      5. Enter a share name (we recommend something like CLINICDB)
      6. Tick the box which says Allow network users to change my files
      7. Click OK

    You should see a ‘hand’ icon appear on your database folder which indicates that it is now being shared.

    For more detailed instructions on how to share a folder (including screenshots), please take a look at this Microsoft knowledgebase article :-

    [4] Adding the Database to the Other Networked Computers

    Your last job is to tell the other computers on your network about the database on your server. From the other computers…

      1. Run ClinicOffice
      2. From the Logon screen, click “Add an existing clinic”
      3. On the next window, click the little yellow folder button on the right hand side
      4. On the next window, click the little “+” signs to expand the list
      5. Locate “My Network Places” then click the “+” to expand it
      6. You should now be able to see the shared folder on your server computer. It will say something like “clinicdb on Server (Server)” where clinicdb is the share name you entered earlier, and Server is the name of your server computer which you found earlier
      7. Click on the correct folder, then click OK
      8. Click on OK again

    ClinicOffice will now add the database to your list of available databases, and you can logon to your database as usual. You will need to repeat this process for each of your networked computers.

    🙁 I’m still struggling! Where can I get more information?

    For more information on file sharing please take a look at this Microsoft knowledgebase article :-;en-us;304040

    Microsoft have also published an eight part article on how to set up a simple network and how to use Windows File Sharing. Here is a link to PART 1 of that article :-

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