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    Hi there,

    Let me spend a thought:
    How conveniant would it be when the cursor in the ‘search patient window’ would stay at its position after a search.
    When my search for a patient doesn’t give me the right results, I have to focus the cursor back to the search-field using the mouse. When the cursor stays at the end of my search-string, I can directly correct this string.

    And another one:
    When treating a minor, the adress-layout of the bill should be:

    to the parents of

    Clinicoffice should automatically detect that the invoice automatically should go the the parents. (Or is this possible in the template?)

    Last one for now:
    At this moment CO asks me to use the acitve patient when I book a new appt. When I confirm the focus is on the patient field. But I have just acnowledged that field, so it could have already focussed to the next field.

    And the really really last one:
    When I right click on an appt. I can choose to send the patient an email. Great but I have the email module and I can't seem to select an email from that module. The 'old' email/message windows pops up instead of a fullgrown email message.



    One more:

    saves and closes the window. At least for the patient editor. How conveniant would it be if this also happened with the clinical notes window.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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