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    We’re busy working on ClinicOffice v6 at the moment, but we really want to listen to any suggestions that you have for new and/or improved features.

    Please let us know what you’d like to see by replying to this post, or starting a new topic in this forum – many thanks!


    It would really help me when I could ‘quick transaction’ directly into an email.

    It would also be handy when my laptop would automatically be recognized by the online diary when I am at a random location. So I guess a little program that talks to the online diary server would be needed. Then I don’t have to worry about setting up the router ports etc. etc.

    Ability to choose whitch fields are made visible when somebody is using the online diary (and/or mandatory).
    Ability to choose whether or not the clinical summary is possible to open as a therapist using the online diary. (privacy/safety).

    Send out reminders in the background.

    Being able to add html in reminders

    Quick transaction into email. Being able to add some standard tekst in that email.

    Export a report on a time-basis. E.g. every 1. day of the month: export report.rpt to


    Automated diary sync for each user to either outlook / google.

    Notification to email if new online booking made sent to the practitioner booked with, rather than just the single email address currently.

    Mobile app or at least an API for the online diary system so we can develop our own mobile apps. A lot of patients stating online booking on a mobile device is painful.

    Different card provider integration than just Worldpay, for anyone that has had to move from cardsave to Worldpay you will understand why !!

    New patient details form via web browser / tablet app so they can fill in details on arrival.

    Template creation for clinical summary export, to allow logos etc to be be added.


    I can see that IMAP support has previously been discussed, explaining that it is not going to happen because of the problems of IMAP being online-only. This post is to suggest that there may be another way of looking at it.

    We have had the Email Manager module for some years, and it has never been implemented because as POP-only, it can only really be used as a standalone solution, precluding the use of cloud syncing with Outlook or smartphones, and in this day and age that is not acceptable. It’s a complete dealbreaker to be required to have ALL emails going through ClinicOffice. And a complete dealbreaker to not have mobile/cloud access. And a complete dealbreaker not to be able to use Gmail, Outlook or Office 365 for all their other features.

    Far better in my view to have a more limited IMAP solution that is usable in the real world in 2016. And in fact, I disagree that IMAP is online-only. As well as offline syncing, it is perfectly possible to flag emails to be saved permanently offline if they need to go into a patient’s records. And very useful to be able to send an email and have the outgoing email saved to the cloud Sent Items folder, as well as the patient’s ClinicOffice record.

    Similarly, the alternatives for team use of email include forwarding emails, multiple IMAP logins to the same account for different users and Exchange mailbox sharing.

    And it is also possible to have both approaches side by side, as some people may have got used to POP and not want to change, despite all the benefits of cloud email.

    So please consider starting with a really basic implementation of IMAP, so sent messages are synced and any message can be copied to client records.

    Thank you.


    1.Patient confidentiality is important. As we send e mails from clinic office it it is important if we have encrypted e mail facility to send emails encrypted, so that it will not be seen by any hackers or unintended recipients. Can you please built an encrypted e mail facility in your next version as it really helps to send secure email to our patients.
    2. Some of us use apple devises to access clinic office. Is it possible to devise something that works straightway from apple devise instead of relying on 3rd party software like parallel desktop?
    3. Is it possible to integrate microsoft office when doing documents as an option?


    It would be a great help when the confirmation windows would be transformed into a little log-area in the top of the program.

    This would solve the ‘OK’ or ‘YES’-click at all the dialog-windows that confirm actions (like: ‘OK’ in “message send”).


    Hi, we have over 100 Appointment types and it would be great if we could use the ‘categories’ that can be assigned as a way of making the ‘drop down’ or ‘pop out’ selection menu more hierarchical instead of ‘flat’.

    Appointment type
    NHS initial appt.
    NHS 3 month Follow-up
    NHS 6 month FU
    …………… etc.




    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the request. Good news is that this can already be done within ClinicOffice v5. To do this, expand open the Appointment Type field within an appointment, right click on it and click on “Show Groups.

    So long as the appointment types have been assigned to a group, they will appear under their perspective groups in a hierarchical manner.


    I would love to see a revamped tasks and messages area rather than the small sidebar and a way of auto-tasking staff members when people DNA for example. I would also love to see links with The Doctors Lab so I can send pathology requests and get results back directly to the patient’s clinical notes.
    The NHS GP database lookup would be a great feature even if we have to pay for it as a module. And maybe drugs lookups. Would be good to be able to print private scripts and FP10s. Also the diagnoses dropdown is a bit out of date and does not list all conditions. SNOMED would be a welcome addition, etc.
    What do you all think?


    the task list is a great option in CO. Nevertheless, I am losing sight of the upcoming items. Therefore it would be awesome when they would show up in de diary. On the moment of completion, or a couple of days ahead of completion.


    Can the mobile phone number field be made to accept 11 digits only?  We’ve had a few problems where we’ve not realised that a phone number is too short or too long – it would be great if it was checked at the point of entry. And all UK mobiles are 11 digits I think.


    Pleaaaaaaaase make a module that tracks open invoices. Let CO decide what reminder (1st, 2nd etc.) one should get. By one click of a button, instead of going through all the patients one-by-one.

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