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    In visual notes there is an option to draw on a diagram of a man or a woman. On some computer screens depending on the resolution one can see the whole person or on lesser resolutions like most laptops one can see only to the drawing’s knees. Is it possible to have a scroll bar in here? I guess as it maybe like a “paint” extension on the program this may not be so easy. Obviously creating our own man and woman pics that have a smaller resolution (vertically) will get round this problem – but it would be nice to have the flexibility to have notes that even if they do not fit on one screen (on lower resolution computers) the whole note can be accessed.

    Is there a way round this without uploading our own pictures that suit lower resolution screens?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Robin – we did look into this once before but it proved difficult for technical reasons. However, I’ve moved the post to our wishlist and we’ll take another look to see if something can be done – thanks for your suggestion!


    Is there any update on this for v5?

    Just the ability to zoom out a little would be enough (issue has arisen for me after switching from PC to laptop)

    If not, then it’s not too much of an issue, and I can just resize all my visual notes in photoshop and re-upload them (assuming I can find the originals).


    Thanks for your post. To be honest, this issue has only ever been mentioned by yourself so it’s presumably not a problem for most users. The drawing component used does not allow us to zoom in and out while editing the image, however we’ve just noticed that since we last looked into this, our component provider HAS added the ability to make it scrollable, so we will implement that in the next update (1080).

    In the meantime, one suggestion might be to collapse the ribbon bar at the top of the screen which you can do by right-clicking and clicking “Minimize”. This will increase the vertical space available for you which may help.

    Many thanks.


    No problem, and thank you – it only became an issue as I use my own templates, and switched from PC to laptop, so shorter screen height.


    I’m pleased to report that we managed to introduce a scrollbar on the Visual Notes in build 1080 – please update to this latest build if you haven’t done so already – many thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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