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    I’m interested in your recent addition of VOIP and Skype to CO. We are looking at utilising Samsung Xchange Integrator/Operator to manage VOIP calls and I would be very interested to know if Clinic Office will be able to integrate with this also for call pop-ups, dialling etc?

    See attached link for info on Samsung Xchange and the CRMs/DBs that it currently supports

    Thanks for your help on this

    Best regards



    Hi – thanks for your post.

    >> I would be very interested to know if Clinic Office will be able to integrate with this also for call pop-ups, dialling etc?
    The answer is yes we could make ClinicOffice integrate with the Samsung Xchange system… the problem is that it’s not a five minute job, but would rather be days or weeks worth of work for us to design/develop/test/document such an integration.

    If you would like to receive a quote for us to develop this integration for you, then please drop an email to “” and one of our sales team will be happy to arrange that for you, but please be aware that based on the amount of work involved, the cost would be significant.

    Many thanks.


    Thanks for the reply. That’s a pity that you only support SIP via Birchills



    Thanks for your post Ronan.

    There are literally 100s of VOIP systems and we’ve already had feedback from dozens of customers who use dozens of different VOIP providers. It would simply be impossible to develop and maintain integration with all of them due to the amount of work involved – especially as each VOIP company seems to use their own differing APIs.

    There also has to be a business case for us to invest our time and money into developing a feature. If there were a reasonably large number of customers all requesting integration with “Samsung XChange” then we would certainly consider it, however I’m afraid that the only feasible way we could expend days/weeks of work developing a feature which only one customer has asked for (and stay in business ourselves) is to offer to quote for the work involved.

    I hope this makes sense!



    I have n0t been able to use my skype with my COV5. under VOIP configuration I see “skype installation not detected,” even with the fact that I have skype application installed and running on the background of my Windows 10 OS.

    What must I do?


    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Enny,

    Thanks for your post.

    Please could you let us know which version/build of ClinicOffice you are running. You can find this by going to the ‘HELP’ tab in ClinicOffice, then ‘About ClinicOffice’.

    Please can you let us know the build number. (It will begin with a 10, or 11.)


    hi joshua,

    My build number is 1107

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi eniola231,

    I believe this issue has been responded to via email and now closed, however just to update this thread, please see the response from our developers below.

    “We can confirm that the SKYPE integration no longer works with the latest Windows SKYPE client program, which is most likely installed on your computer if you’re running Windows 10. We will be removing the Skype integration feature in the next program update.”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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