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    The “Duplicate Primary Emails” report will list any duplicate emails that exist in your database. This is useful if you’re using the ClinicOffice Online Diary which requires each patient to have a unique email address.

    Before you can import this report you will first need to create some custom views in your database function. Please follow these steps :-

    1) Go to the Tools menu (tab) and click Advanced DB Operation

    2) Make sure the “As Administrator” check box is ticked

    3) Delete any code present in this window and copy & paste the code below into the “Advanced Database Operation” window

    create or replace view xview_primary_emails as
    select id, trim(split_part(email, ';', 1)) as email from per where trim(split_part(email, ';', 1)) <> '';

    4) Click Execute, OK

    5) Delete the code and copy & paste the code below

    create or replace view xview_duplicate_primary_email_per_ids as
    select id from xview_primary_emails where email in (select email from xview_primary_emails group by email having count(*)>1);

    6) Click Execute, OK

    7) Delete the code and copy & paste the code below

    select fix_permissions();

    8) Click Execute, OK and then Close


    Now that you’ve created the required database VIEWS, please download and install the attached report file.

    For instructions on how to import the downloaded report, please see the article via the following link:-

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