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    We often get asked if there’s any way of connecting into ClinicOffice remotely. For example, your business may have two sites and you want to be able to access your database from whichever site you’re at… or you may sometimes work from home and want to connect to your database at the clinic.

    By far the easiest solution is to subscribe to the ClinicOffice Hosted Edition which has been designed for exactly this purpose. With the Hosted Edition, your database is HOSTED on our powerful cloud servers and you can connect in from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    Furthermore, you can connect in from your Windows PC, MAC, Linux computer, or even iPads and other tablet devices. For more information please click the link below:-

    … or call a member of our friendly sales team on 01205 205500

    Q. What if I’ve already purchased ClinicOffice (i.e. the Startup, Professional or Server Edition)?

    There are a few different options:-

    Remote Access Software

    There are a number of 3rd party programs which allow you to remotely connect into your Windows computer from a remote location, for example:-

    For larger clinics who have multiple sites and are using Windows Server, then Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Citrix are good options and we have a number of multi-site customers running ClinicOffice successfully with those technologies.

    Please note that while ClinicOffice will work any of the above, we don’t support these programs. You would need to speak to the above providers for assistance with setting up and running their software.

    ClinicOffice Online Diary

    If you only require remote access to the ClinicOffice Diary (and not the rest of ClinicOffice such as patients/finances etc.) then another option is to get the Online Diary add-on for your ClinicOffice installation. This allows you to view your diary (as well as booking/amending appointments) via your web-browser.

    Please see here for more information about the Online Diary:-

    Switch over to the Hosted Edition!

    We have a growing number of clients who have previously purchased ClinicOffice but who have moved over to our Hosted Edition to better meet their growing needs.

    If you would like to know more about this, please give our friendly sales team a call on 01205 205500 and we’ll be happy to discuss these options with you.

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