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    When logging into ClinicOffice you may receive a message saying that “You have reached the maximum number of users“. This message can appear for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the number of user accounts active in ClinicOffice is equal to the number of licenses you have and when you try to login, the license server detects that you do not have any more spare licenses. It may be the case that another user that is no longer using ClinicOffice has forgotten to log off from the program.

    Another cause can be that ClinicOffice was perhaps abruptly terminated on one of the computers, which can happen if the computer shuts down unexpectedly. If this happens ClinicOffice may not have had the chance to have removed that users session from the Logon table and hence registers them as still being logged on.

    The steps below will help you to fix this problem in either situation.

    1) When the message for the license user limit reached appears, click Yes to it

    2) Click the Send Query  button [This will run a test for 45-60 seconds to test if the user(s) is actively using ClinicOffice]

    3) When the time count is finished any inactive users will appear in red. Click the Remove Inactive button.

    4) The inactive session(s) will be removed and you can click Close and login as before

    If no one is registered as being inactive and yet you know that a particular user does not need to use ClinicOffice at this moment in time, you can select their login session and click the Force Remove button. You will need to have an administrative/supervisor account username and password to do this.

    On the rare occasion the above steps may not work at all; this is to say that you can see user(s) are inactive and yet when you click the Remove Inactive button it does not remove them and neither does the Force Remove button work. In this instance it would suggests that there is an issue with your database Logon table. You should run a check and repair on the database. The link below explains in more detail how to do this.

    Note for ClinicOffice Professional Users

    If you are running the Professional edition, the license usually works on a license per computer basis unlike the Hosted and Server editions which works on a per concurrent user basis. This means that ClinicOffice will expect there to be ONE person logged in PER computer that has the program.

    In some scenarios it might be a case that you have two users using the same computer. Perhaps one person uses the computer in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If the first person is logged into ClinicOffice in the morning but rather than logging off they switch Windows account so that the second user can login; in this instance they will receive the message saying that the user limit has been reached. The steps mentioned earlier should sort out the issue. Generally though it is recommended that if you have a similar situation it is always wise to log out of ClinicOffice if you are no longer using it for the day.

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