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    OPTION 1

    The best option would be to ask another user who has ‘Administrator’ privileges to log in to their account and open your Staff record. From the Staff Editor screen he will be able to reset your username and/or password. Here are the steps to do this :-

    [1] Log on using the Administrator’s username/password
    [2] Under the “Main” tab in the Ribbon Bar (across the top the screen) click the Staff Members
    [3] Double-click the staff member you wish to edit
    [4] Under the Access Rights Tab, click Reset Password

    OPTION 2

    If you’re not able to get another user to log on as an Administrator then here are some things to try…

    Firstly, please make sure that you are logging on to the correct database. Sometimes users inadvertently selected a different database (e.g. the “Sample Database”) on the logon screen and are actually trying to login to the wrong database.

    If you’re sure that you’re logging in to the correct database, then are you absolutely 100% SURE that you’re entering the details exactly correctly?

    The ClinicOffice default for usernames is the first initial followed by surname, so Mr John Smith‘s default username would be “jsmith”

    Older versions of ClinicOffice used to make all usernames UPPERCASE, but from version 4 onwards usernames default to lowercase – have you got the case correct?
    e.g. “JSMITH” is not the same as “JSmith” nor is it the same as “jsmith”

    Have you incorrectly put a ‘white-space’ character between an initial and surname?
    e.g. “j smith” instead of “jsmith”

    Have you accidentally put a space before or at the end of the username?
    e.g. “jsmith ” is not the same as “jsmith”

    Being completely honest, 99% of the time when we get contacted by customers who can’t logon, the problem is simply that they are entering the wrong username or password!

    OPTION 3

    If you really can’t remember your username/password details, then the only other option is to take a backup of your database and send it to us so that we can then decrypt the database to retrieve your details.

    This requires significant work on our part, so there will be a charge for this.

    Here’s a link explaining how to upload your database. You’ll also need to contact us to let us know that you need assistance!

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