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    Hello everyone, :D/

    Some of you may find that you prefer the 12hour setting on your clock instead of the 24hour format. You can change this on your computer by right clicking the clock, selecting ADJUST DATE/TIME. Please be aware that when you change the short time and long time settings, you cannot simply change the HH to hh for 12 hour format. The reason being is that ClinicOffice then registers this as AM instead of PM.

    All you need to do is where it says SHORT TIME and LONG TIME in the ADJUST TIME SETTINGS, click the drop down menu and select the format hh:mm tt. Please make sure that tt is on the end of time. This way, your computer displays the 12hour format but also shows the time as PM.

    If you do it this way, ClinicOffice will also see the time as PM. =D>


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