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    Is it possible to have reports set up so that we have the ability to select the patient code from the Insert merge field list in ANY report template? This is really helpful for running reports and then running pivot tables/graphs in excel. It would be really helpful to have this as field to choose in all grids as well eg I export the invoice grid to excel and combine this with a patient by Referral report that I run and export, using the patient code to match the records. I then match the Payment method list with it so that I can eliminate invoices that had a credit note payment against them eg offers etc to give me the true invoiced amount for stats purpose.

    When I export the payments grid – it doesn’t have the option to add the patient code to the grid. The Patient by referral report doesn’t appear to have the option to add the patient code against it either. I currently have to run through the list to ensure that records of people with exactly the same name are matched correctly. Using the unique code makes this process so much easier to avoid any mistakes.



    Thanks for pointing that out. We already have it on our ‘todo’ list to use the patient code field more so that whenever you need to select a patient, you can see their code.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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