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    Appointments have had invoices raised to a company, and the £ icon on diary is correct as red.
    The total amount showing as outstanding to the company (total of all oustanding invoices) is also correct.


    When I go to add a new payment several outstanding invoices (shown correctly as red £ on the diary view) that should be listed, so I can allocate payment to them, are not there. (This is for the month of March)

    When I list all invoices for the client it shows some invoices for March as paid (when they are not) and others for Feb are missing from the list – however when I go to the diary view they are shown as paid and have the correct payment ref logged against them.

    I have checked the payments to date are logged to the correct business.
    I have also checked invoices raised are to the correct business.


    With thanks


    Have you tried to ‘check and repair’ the database (under the ‘tools’ section)?


    All sorted – found errors in the dates – hence showed up in other months!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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