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    At the moment in the patient record form, we have four tabs near the top row – “patient details”, “appointments”, “finances” and “documents”

    Can I add another relational table to the tab list and call it “marketing”. That way I can put information such as details of emails sent, phonecalls received, and so on. Each time a contact is attempted I can track this information for a patient and I will have a better idea of how they are being handled by my staff.

    Or is there is an easier way of doing this?


    Hi thanks for your post.

    You can’t add a tab to the four primary tabs which you mentioned, but you can create a new tab under the Patient Details. Here’s how to create a new tab :-

    [1] From the Patient Editor, click the DESIGN tab and then click “Enter Design Mode”

    [2] Right-click on a field which you would like to place inside a new tabbed area, and click Create Group. This creates a new group (usually called “Item0”) around the selected field.

    [3] Using the left mouse button, click and DRAG the newly created group header (i.e. the bar which says “Item0”) up to the other tabs which are already on the Patient Editor (i.e. Address, Medical, Custom Fields, Notepad). Notice that ClinicOffice indicates that you can drop this group among these other tabs. Release the mouse button and the group will be converted to a tab.

    [4] Lastly, you can right-click the “Item0” tab and then click Rename Label to give the tab a more useful name.

    Now you have a whole new tab area in which you can add new fields, or into which you can drag-and-drop existing fields.

    I hope this helps – if your have any questions please don’t hesitate to post a reply.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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