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    I just found out that all of my past appointments (<- november) are not shown in appointment dairy anymore :( . How to solve this ? I looked in the dairy options and the buton (loadmode) is switched on -only calender selection- and – 2 months and future- is swithed off. regards, Maarten


    Here are some things to try :-

    [1] Try closing down and restarting ClinicOffice.

    [2] Scroll back to 3 months ago in the dairy, does ClinicOffice display a message at the top of the diary warning that you are still in the “Last 2 months and future” mode? If so then please change the Load Mode (under diary settings) and be sure to click the refresh button.

    [3] Please make sure that all your staff members are ticked in case you have unticked a staff member, which will filter out their appointments. Whilst on the subject of staff – have you changed any staff records recently – esp deleting an old staff record? If so, it could be that the appointments were assigned to that staff member in which case they will now be hidden.

    [4] A remote possibility is that it’s a database problem. Please run the database integrity check (from the TOOLS menu) which should report/fix any problems.

    [5] Lastly, you could try the following to see whether the appointments are definitely in the database. Click TOOLS | Advanced DB Operation.

    Type in (or copy and paste) the following :-

    SELECT * FROM App WHERE Start < '2004-1-1'

    Then click Execute. This will list all appointments in your database prior to 2004.

    HTH (Hope This Helps!)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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