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    We were using our outlook to email our patients. Now there is a new upgrade that makes it possible toe email from Clinic Office, but is does not allow to add an attachment. I don’t think that is an upgrade (but a downgrade) since we need to attach our documents and now we can not have further upgrades of Clinic Office, because those would block our ability to email our attachments. 🙁

    Thank you.


    Hi – I’m not too sure what you mean about a “new upgrade”. We will soon be releasing the Email Module which gives you a full email client (including the ability to send attachments). You might be referring to the change in behaviour of the EMAIL addresses.

    Rather than double-clicking on an email address to send an email, simply click the little SEND EMAIL icon (the right most button) which is immediately to the right hand side of the email address. You will then be asked how you want to send the email (from ClinicOffice or from your default Email client e.g. Outlook).

    If you don’t see this option, then please download the latest update and install it again (even if you have already done this) and then try again. You can get the latest update from here :-

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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