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    I would like an autosave option when I have the session notes option. My wireless network keeps dropping the connection and I lose the entire notes session.



    Hmmm… to be honest, it’s very unlikely that we will be implementing an autosave feature for technical reasons.

    Imagine you went in to a patient’s record and accidentally deleted the text from a session note (this could easily be done if all the text were highlighted and you pressed any key on the keyboard).

    If the auto-save then kicked in, it would effectively overwrite the record information with a blank record and there would be no way to retrieve it.

    Further problems would arise if you started editing a record and then for some reason wanted to revert back (e.g. if you realise you are editing the wrong record). Again, if an auto-save had been performed, it would overwrite your data making it impossible to revert back.

    Our suggestion? As noted on our website ( we urge customers to shy away from wireless networks with ClinicOffice for the very reason you mention – dropped network connections.

    Using ClinicOffice over a network is not like editing a word document or an excel spreadsheet over the network. ClinicOffice requires a persistent network access to your database and connection drops are not only an inconvenience, but in some cases could even corrupt record data (if the drop occurs during a database write operation). So whereever possible, we strongly recommend a sold wired network rather than wireless.

    Sorry we can’t be of more help!


    Your reply is most courteous and considerate. I wish I had read your recommendations before ripping out the wired network during our refurbishment.

    I must say that all the problems I had at the time I wrote have improved massively since I upgraded the router/modem’s firmware and got the right version on the 4th attempt. Now it is rare that it drops the connection.

    Thanks again


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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