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    AVG have recently released an update which can cause ClinicOffice to shut down unexpectedly – often with no warning and with the message “ClinicOffice has stopped responding – close down the program”.

    We contacted AVG and they told us that the way to resolve the issue is to add ClinicOffice to the AVG exception listeven if you have done this already, you will need to do it again since their last update.

    To do this, please follow the steps below :-

      – Right-Click the AVG tray icon and open AVG
      – Go to OPTIONS at the top right
      – Select EXCEPTIONS from the list on the left hand side
      – Click ADD EXCEPTION
      – Select “Exception Type – FOLDER”
      – Click BROWSE
      – Select the ClinicOffice v5 folder (usually “C:Program Files (x86)Pioneer SoftwareClinicOfficev5”)
      – Click OK

    This should resolve the issue. The latest AVG update seems to have caused problems with lots of different software programs (not just ClinicOffice), so hopefully they will fix this themselves soon.

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