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    I sell blocks of treatment sessions in advance with different discount levels (in %) for different numbers of sessions (6, 12, etc).

    Previously we have received the payment on account and allocated each session as a separate item (e.g. ‘Treatment £x’ as opposed to just ‘Treatment’ which would show as the standard single session price.)

    The trouble is, by having different levels of discount you end up with a huge list of items and have to keep track of exactly which block the patient bought. This means either accurate noting on their paper records or quickly calculating their remaining credit by dividing by each possible discounted item price.

    Another way we tried was to assign each block as an item and then charging a £0 treatment every time they came in until they had used them all. This made invoices and receipts very time consuming though as they all had to be heavily edited and itemised. Also, returning any unused credit was tricky.

    Is there a better way which I am not seeing?

    Appreciate any thoughts.



    From your description, it sounds like you were doing this the correct way i.e. by creating a discounted version of the same item for billing purposes, entering a pre-payment and then raising an invoice on each visit. This is the most accurate way of recording the transactions as it accurately reflects what is happening from the ‘financial’ point of view.

    To remind your staff of patients who have pre-paid (and hence require a discounted item), you can add an ALERT FLAG. This will inform you that they are on a certain pre-pay scheme and that they qualify for a discount. Once the last invoice has been paid and the patient’s balance is £0, simply remove the flag by clicking the DELETE button on it.

    If you have any suggestions as to how this could be made easier without complicating matters further and without the need to make massive changes to the financial workings of ClinicOffice (which would upset a lot of happy customers), then we’re always happy to consider suggestions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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