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    In previous databases I used I was able to do bulk imports into fields via an excel spreadsheet with the ID code against each record eg Say I had a list of References that had been entered slightly differently and I wanted to correct them quickly rather than go into each record to correct the entry I could change them in excel by copying and pasting down the column and run an import to the appropriate field in each contact using their unique code to ensure that the right records were getting updated. This is really useful for tidying up free-form fields into uniformed lists. Then you can change the field properties into a drop down list so that the entries are uniform after that. Is this possible with Clinic Office?


    There is currently no feature to do this, but it is something that we could implement as a bespoke addon for you (though we would obviously have to charge for it).

    Alternatively, if there were sufficient demand from other users, we could add it to the ‘todo’ list – but at present nobody else has requested this feature. Please let us know if you want a quote for bespoke development.


    I’m surprised that this is not a high demand item as changing a lot of data can be sped up dramatically with the function.

    Another example is the Practitioner field. We have had a change in practitioner at our practice. If there was a bulk field change facility we could change all the clients that were assigned to the previous practitioner to be assigned to the new practitioner by unique code in one action as opposed to having to go into every single record to change the field.

    Even if the patient grid had bulk change options for all fields (similar to your Change Status function and Flag/Unflag function) that would be great!



    There is already a Batch Operations feature in CO2007 but it’s unlikely that we’ll implement an import feature that overwrites existing records.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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