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    You’ll all have notice by now that the patient information tab on the patient editor allows you to nominate an Insurance company and for them to be recipients of the invoice…

    Up to now we were just creating invoices against the patients and not there insurance companies…

    We decided to start doing this nominating BUPA… all the invoices disapeared off the patients account and went to the BUPA contact account which does allow you to print 1 big end of month invoice which I thought was a pretty good idea… that is until I spoke to BUPA who said and I quote…. “we will only accept single invoices”

    My invoice statement runs to about 10 pages give or take….. some much for attempting to reduce my carbon foot print….

    Anybody have any similiar conversations with AXA/PPP, Norwich Union etc… save me a job… 😀


    Hi Colm,

    It is possible to print a range of invoices from ClinicOffice by simply multi-selecting the desired invoices (from the Invoices database), right-clicking and then clicking PRINT and selecting the desired format.

    Unfortunately this won’t resolve the issue of wasted paper!


    That is a waste! I deal with BUPA and I send multiple invoices all together. They accept it and haven’t asked for single invoices. Neither has any other insurance company.


    With ClinicOffice v5 you can raise CHARGES and then create just one invoice. This is how many ClinicOffice users raise single invoices for BUPA and other insurance companies.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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