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    I have started reading the manual re form design but I am unable to find the Case History and Treatment notes forms that were in the book.

    How do I download or find a copy of the template?

    I am starting my clinic again after much of a hiatus. I see that you have now started a new edition. However, at this stage I wish to stay on CO2005 so I do not need to learn a new system again. The new office will have 2 practitioners, does that mean I need to purchase 3 licenses? One for reception, one for each practitioner? Does the Gold edition suffice? The computers will be networked. Do you still sell licenses for 2005?



    Thanks for your post. There are 2 ways to gain access to the Case History. First by opening up the patient record, then at the bottom clicking on the tab “Clinical History”. From here you can create a new Case and a new Session.

    Alternatively you can go to the Diary then right-click the specific appointment and “View Session Notes” or “Patient Operations”—> “Clinical History for Patient”.

    To answer your licensing question. If you have already got the Gold Edition, yes we can still sell you some extra licenses. The number of licenses required, depends on how many computers you will install CO 2005 on.

    Please post a reply if you require any further assistance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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