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    Paul Frishert

    Has ClinicOffice been tested on Windows 8 yet and what was the result?


    Hi – thanks for your post. We are currently testing ClinicOffice on Windows 8 which has revealed a couple of issues due to some changes that Microsoft have made.

    However the next update (1076) will be 100% compatible with Windows 8.


    do you know when that’s likely to be? It’s just that I bought a laptop with windows 8 built in to it and I can’t decide whether to install windows 7 onto it or just wait!


    We’re working hard on it at the moment and are nearly done.

    In fact, the incompatibilities were more to do with the ClinicOffice installer rather than the program itself, so we will release a silent update to build 1075 by the end of today which should work perfectly with Windows 8.

    Please download the FULL setup file from our website ( either this evening or tomorrow and you should be fine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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