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    Hello, I have had an extreemely difficult time with my clinic office v5 over the last few days, My clinic office suddenly freezes on attempt to log in with my user id and password. windows task bar indicates that clinic office is not responsive.
    kindly assist for I have tried so many options to no avail. I have tried the following
    1.checked my firewall
    2 Disabled my antivirus
    3 Deleted my antivirus
    4 rolled back and forth between 1089 and 1090 update
    I dont know what to do anymore


    Hi there,

    It maybe worth trying to re-install. Please click this link to do so;

    Let us know how you get on!



    It might be that your database has become corrupt. Please see this FAQ :-

    Another possibility is that ClinicOffice is trying to download a problematic email (for example one which your virus checked is not allowing through) straight after you log on. Please see the suggestion in this discussion for a couple more things to try :-

    If you are still struggling, then there must be something on your computer which is causing this specific issue (otherwise EVERYBODY would have the same problem) and the only way we can assist further is to connect in remotely to your computer to work on it for you. We’re more than happy to do this, but you would need to join our Support Plan or purchas a one-off support instance.


    All effort to solve the problem from my end has failed, perhaps I might have to subscribe to your latter option i.e subscribe to one instance of your support plan, but before I do, I demand clarification to the following questions
    1. Do I have to pay every time I encounter this sought of problem?
    2. Do I get a refund if you fail to resolve the issue remotely?
    3. What is the modality of Payment?

    Thank you


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    >> 1. Do I have to pay every time I encounter this sought of problem?
    If you do not wish to join our Support Plan, then yes you would need to pay for each “instance” of support. An instance of support is when you ask us to help with a specific issue. It may be that a single support instance covers multiple remote sessions / telephone calls / emails to resolve it. Once that issue is resolved, the support instance is completed and should a future issue arise, you would need to purchase another instance of support.

    Of course, if you join our Support Plan, then you are entitled to unlimited support instances :-

    >> 2. Do I get a refund if you fail to resolve the issue remotely?
    If the problem is our fault, then we will fix it. However, if we identify that the issue is caused by a problem beyond our control e.g. with your hardware, your Windows environment, some other software prorgam (e.g. a anti-virus / firewall etc.) and we are unable to fix it, then we have still done our job and located the cause of the problem and we will give you advice as to what to do next, hence there would not be a refund.
    The only time that a refund would be offered is if we are unable to resolve the problem and we have no idea as to what the cause is or how to resolve it.

    >> 3. What is the modality of Payment?
    Please contact our helpdesk and we can take payment over the phone or via a secure payment link.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions!

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