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    Hi – Since the last upgrade several weeks ago the software does not fully shut down.

    The programme looks to have closed but will not reopen the next time you attempt to go into it.

    When you go to task manager the clinic office file is shown as still running and has to be closed down separately before you can reopen.

    Please can you look and advise.



    Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for the post!

    I will pass this onto the development team and will re-post when I hear something back from them.

    Does this happen all the time?

    Thanks again


    Hi Mat – Yes – every time.

    Kind regards


    Hi Charlotte,

    One thing I found which maybe causing your issue is when Anti-Virus software is running at the same time as the program is closed or when the computer is shut down.

    It maybe beneficial to try excluding ClinicOffice from being scanned by your anti-virus software to see if this resolves the issue.

    Whilst you are doing that, I will continue looking into potential causes.



    OK will do


    Was a solution ever found for this?
    I am having similar problems shutting down ClinicOffice and reopening on one of my computers too.
    I have made ClinicOffice an exception in my anti-virus but backgrouond processes keep running after a shut down meaning I cannot reopen the programme unless I control+alt+delete, task manager and end task for clinic office in the background processes.


    Hi – thanks for your post. I’m afraid that this isn’t something that we’ve ever been able to replicate ourselves.

    As mentioned, the most likely cause is probably a virus checker which is scanning either the main ClinicOffice executable file or one if its DLLs.

    Rather than excluding ClinicOffice, please try disabling your virus checker completely to see if that resolves the issue. Please also let us know what virus checker (and any other similar programs) you use, plus any other background programs which may be running too – many thanks.


    Hi I have a similar issue, although this has been persisting already before the last update.


    Thanks Roelof,

    Our developers are working hard to find a fix. The way round at the moment is to go to TASK MANAGER (CTRL+ALT+DEL), right click on ClinicOfficev5.exe and END PROCESS.


    We will keep you up to date on here as and when we can!

    Thanks again 🙂


    *** UPDATE ***
    We’ve made some code changes which will (hopefully) resolve the issue, but as this problem is only affecting a minority of customers, rather than releasing a whole new update and forcing everyone to upgrade, we’ve released a silent build 1083 update.

    If one of your computers is being affected by this issue, please re-download and install the 1083 update on your computer. Here’s the direct download link :-

    In case this doesn’t resolve the issue for you, we’ve also added a command line switch which forces the ClinicOffice process to be killed off when you close the program. To enable this, please follow these steps :-

      [1] Close down ClinicOffice
      [2] RIGHT-click on the ClinicOffice shortcut on your desktop (the one which you usually use to launch the program)
      [3] Click “Properties”
      [4] Click in the TARGET box and move the cursor to the very end of the text that is already in there (outside of any quotes)
      [5] Add a space and then /killprocess. For example :-

      “C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5ClinicOfficeV5.exe”
      becomes :-
      “C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5ClinicOfficeV5.exe” /killprocess

    [6] Click OK
    [7] Launch ClinicOffice as usual (by double-clicking the icon)

    This will force the ClinicOffice process to be killed when the program is closed.

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