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    Dear Sirs,

    My copy of COV4 which I have been using on the same computer since since activation in July 2009 has this afternoon started asking me for the activation key. The computer currently does not have internet access, I’m writing this on another computer.

    I found your original email with the activation key dated 1/7/2009 and tried entering that. It was not accepted. I see the computer i.d. shown by cov4 today is different than the code from 2009.

    I repeat the program has only ever been installed and used on ONE computer. The computer has not changed.

    I can only see that this is due to the latest update and the email you sent a couple of days ago about online registration. You did not warn me that the program would stop working if I did not take immediate action. That email is on my desktop computer at home which I can’t access till this evening.

    Will I be able to get the program working for tomorrow morning when I have a very busy day?


    Yours Sincerely


    Hi Jon,

    Sorry that you’ve experienced a problem since updating. We monitor our emails outside of office hours to assist with any emergency problems and we replied to your email last night at 10:45pm.

    Please can you check your email as it contains your private registration details and answers all your questions.

    Regarding the issue of computer IDs changing, this is something we have seen a few times over the last few months. To generate a computer ID, ClinicOffice simply asks your computer (via the MS .NET Framework) for its Hard Disk serial number and MAC ID and performs a hash on the two results. This has worked perfectly for years and our code has not changed. We recently moved ClinicOffice to version 4 of the framework (following Microsoft’s suggestion) and it seems that either that move, or a subsequent MS update to the framework has caused this issue for a tiny minority of computers.

    Unfortunately it’s not something we can easily resolve, however customers will be aware that there is now a link on our website where you can manage your own license(s). This allows you to easily reset a license in the event that you need to move it to another computer but it can also be used to resolve this issue in the unlikely event that your computer is affected.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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